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What is HTML?

The term HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language  . Html is the standard language for designing web pages, and all page code, both server-side and client-side, is eventually converted to HTML code and displayed by the browser.

In other words, browsers do not recognize any of the server-side code and controls, such as asp and php code, and the code they understand is HTML.

Server programming language compilers eventually convert their code to HTML for display and send it to the browser.

An HTML page can contain a variety of elements such as text, captions, images, tables, and so on, each of which must be tagged.

HTML pages are made up of text-only code. This means that for the image, the code related to the image and table view and h html codes for each one must be written, and the browser, when it reaches these codes and tags, displays the related elements.

 Each html code has a specific meaning and has a specific impact on the content. For example, tags are defined in the text to change the appearance of the text, such as making a word larger or thicker, or  linking to other pages  .

?What is css

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet (CSS). CSS is a web page design language for creating and constructing the appearance of documents and website information. css is one of the most common and popular web page design tools written  in HTML  or XHTML and also supports other scripting languages ​​such as plain XML, SVG and XUL.


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